The solution to explode in an effective and fully integrated way with PMS, the online channels for B2C and B2B

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The module has a powerful booking engine with capabilities to ensure high conversion ratios with simple processes optimized from a usability and accessibility perspective.

Efficient scalability
Open architecture
Functionality and publishing content

  • Joint management of multi-site and multi-channel strategy.
  • Booking process optimized to increase conversion rates.
  • Solution with a broad portfolio of content ready to use. Plug & play.
  • Optimization of business processes with segmentation and customization.
  • Mobile channel and social networks fully integrated.
  • Plan for continuous evolution of the platform (TMS forWEB).
  • Minimization of maintenance costs and evolution.
  • Capacity for action and time to market of marketing campaigns and actions.
  • Fully integrated with the suite of TMS products.
Key benefits

Solution based on a market leader Content Management System, SDL TRIDION, fully scalable (multi-site, multi-language and multi-channel) providing the necessary tools to manage in a simple and centralized way. The CMS has pre-established content structures to hold chain’s needs of any size, urban, vacation, and specific business characteristics (golf, spa, restaurants, resorts, activities, etc..)

The solution TMS forWEB is developed in four layers (presentation, business, content and integration) that allows rapid adaptation of the Look & Find of each client, and facilitates the development of new business processes and functionalities.

TMS ForWEB has a powerful engine for reservations fully integrated with the TMS solution forCONNECTIVITY and the rest of solution modules (CRS, PMS, Housekeeping)

  • Make effective reservations integrated with TMS
  • Multiple bookings (several rooms).
  • Calendar pricing and online availability.
  • Integration with payment gateways.
  • Dynamic offers and promotions.
  • Integration with Loyalty program.
  • Rates for groups, Vouchers Codes.
  • Room Options (Add-ons and Upsellings).
  • Additional ancillary items sold integrated with Room service and Housekeeping

TMS forWEB has a powerful engine for customer segmentation, capable of detecting behaviors associated with guests interests and customizing dynamically and in real-time relevant aspects of content such as text, photographs, etc., as well as providing offers, packages,

rates and room options (add-ons and upsellings) depending on the guest profile. The system allows you to align the guest expectations with the contents, rates, offers and packages that are presented.

Integrated management of all channels TMS ForWEB manages in an integrated way,your online presence in the following channels:

  • B2c and B2b (agencies and companies)
  • Groups and Conventions
  • Weddings
  • Events and conventions
  • Mobility
  • Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Social Networking
  • Email