TMS Solution

TMS is a global integrated solution to manage the processes and operations of Tourism & Hospitality companies based on SAP platform services and leveraging on SAP ERP modules functionality:

  • Sales Policies and inventory
  • Hotel operations (bookings, check-in/out, Events, POS, etc.)
  • Events, Spa, Restaurant and Leisure Activity Operations
  • Distribution channel integration
  • B2B & B2C eCommerce
  • Back-office, Etc.

…an undivided view of the information and end-to-end process support, empowered by a single unified leading edge cloud enabled platform

… a real-time intelligent holistic user experience, by keeping operational (Back-office and Front-office) and analytical information together and available at all times

… real-time global view information and intelligent real-time response at any point of contact with our guests

… open and customizable solution that can be tailored for customer specific needs while minimizing maintenance costs and efforts