What does SAP provide?

SAP is the leading business platform in main industries. With over 238,000 clients in 188 countries, SAP is the worldwide leader. SAP solutions are scalable and open, they can be adapted to the changing requirements of hotel chains.

Centralized system and totally on-line, totally online which prevents problems such as problems such as “Wait until tomorrow for the information I need now”

Completely integrated system which reduces system operating costs and maximizes effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

SAP comprises rules, regulations, legal requirements, currencies, languages and other specifics of every country, minimizing the costs of expanding into new markets

With over 30 years of history of being the worldwide most implemented technology, it’s a robust technology that has been updated with the latest technologies and solutions to bring maximum value to its’ clients. It has pre-existing industry solutions provided by SAP or its partners, offering maximum value from solutions starting points and adjusting to the industry’s specific requirements.

SDL Tridion offers control of its’ entire digital eco-system from one location and provides the marketing and e-commerce heads and content contributors total control for the creation of content, targeting, multi-channel distribution, translations, audience management, interaction in social networks and site assessment.

This allows the creation of e-commerce solutions based on a CMS capable of measuring and performing follow-up in an efficient fashion, in such a way it can optimize the visitors’ online experience.

SDL Tridion offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows managing and evolving complex e-commerce solutions, providing an effective hotel specific multi-language, multi-channel and multi-site eco-system management.