Integrated solution for the reporting and assessment of all operations of a chain

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TMSforConnectivity is the perfect tool for total automation of the online sales & distribution processes and maximizing integration capabilities with the IDS channels.

Efficient scalability
Open architecture
Push and pull

  • Based on OTA AND HTNG standards.
  • Optimized for the management of high inquiry volume. High scalability with strong scale economies.
  • Push and pull integrations (Price and availability request publishing).
  • Specific integrations with PMS systems.
  • Totally integrated with the application suite TMS.
  • Availability of standard integrations with multiple sales channels (IDS, TT.AA, TT.OO).
  • Multi-channel, multi-brand and multi-protocol.
  • Reporting and statistics for demand optimization.
Key benefits
  • TMSforCONNECTIVITY performs optimized calculations to provide response to availability inquiries.
  • The platform is specifically designed for the management of 3rd party integration, which allows implementation of advanced features minimizing the impact on response time.
  • Flexible “translator“ that reads different communication protocols (OTA, own protocols,…).
  • Creation and management of statistics, which allows efficient analysis and follow up of existing integrations.

TMS forCONNECTIVITY offers three main operating modules:

  • Retrieving of the sales policies out of TMS, so prices and availability updating are only required in one location
  • Online integration with the PMS (only available with TMS forHOTELS).
  • Maintenance of the sales policy in TMS forCONNECTIVITY.
  • The system maintains complex and dynamic sales policies used in integration of 3rd parties. The main elements of the sales policies are: contracts, rates, offers, allotments, Cancelation penalties, availability dynamic policies, overbooking policies,…
  • Integrated with Indra’s sectorial offering, which guarantees SAP/TMSforHotels integration, and also integration with the rest of modules developed by Indra (loyalty, dynamic elements, packages, SPA, restaurants….).
  • Advanced reservation processes (multi-reservation, multi-guest, destinations with rates, dynamic elements, dynamic calendars, dynamic offers, packages, SPA reservations…).
  • Native integration with TMS forWEB, based on content management system and WEB portal market leader, SDL Tridion.